Cannabis Delights started in 2015 as a medical grow specializing on premium veganic indoor flower, specifically pre-rolls. The brand started selling under proposition 215 until recreational act (AUMA proposition 96) that enabled recreational cannabis sales in California in 2018. After an entire year of establishing important strategic partnerships Cannabis Delights was able to enter the legal market on March 2019 with our own house brand.

After our launch we realized that many companies wanted to start their own brand but didn't have the required structure or means for a 2 million plus investment to acquire a license, after speaking with many companies we decided to start a platform to provide all the required services to enter de legal cannabis market.



We offer consulting services for clients that require an insight on how the cannabis business works, this includes licensing, manufacturing, distribution and retail.


Manufacturing, Packaging & Brokerage

We offer manufacturing and packaging solutions for brands that require flower packaging or cultivators that need trimming and flower brokerage services.


Storage & Transportation

Cannabis Delights has a network of distribution partners to fulfill any transportation requirements for our clients all around California.


Delivery Services

We have established partnerships with delivery services to ensure that our products get delivered to customers without having to go to a dispensary.


Brand Creation

Cannabis Delights has a team that can create brands on demand, our team in Los Angeles has labeling and design solutions for our clients and we also a team based in China for packaging solutions.